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Trattoria Traversi

TBT Thursday – Enjoying La Dolce Vita in Berbenno di Valtellina

A new item on the blog! Since Lars and I still have to share lots of stories and pictures of our summer trip of 2015, we will feature these on TBT Thursdays. The reason why we didn’t write about these earlier, is due to my severe depression (which now belongs to the past). Anyway, after our adventure on the Stelvio Pass,…

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Stelvio Pass

Driving on the Stelvio Pass

Lars mentioned the Stelvio Pass for the first time more than 7 years ago, when we had just “met” on Facebook. When I googled it and saw the spectacular pictures, driving on this pass quickly became a dream of mine as well. Then why did it take such a long time before Lars and I realised this dream? Very simple: we…

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Photo Essay – Moniga del Garda, Salò and Lazise

First of all, I need to correct something. The castle I talked about in this post, is actually located in Padenghe sul Garda and not in Desenzano del Garda. My excuses for this mistake. Anyway, early in the afternoon, we found ourselves at the shore of the Garda Lake. Lars and I had a short stop in one of the smaller…

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Photo Essay – Desenzano del Garda

Lars and I started our last day at the Garda Lake by visiting Desenzano del Garda, one of the biggest cities around the lake. In summer, this place attracts a lot of tourists, thanks to its 3 beaches and numerous pubs and restaurants. We wanted to see the harbour, but we couldn’t get there by car. To be honest, these…

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A Quick Stop in Malcesine

After our visit to Verona and before retreating to our camping place, Lars and I decided to stop in the picturesque village of Malcesine. This place is located between the Monte Baldo (a mountain), which you can reach by cable car and the eastern shore of the Garda Lake. It has a beautiful castle with 2 museums. Unfortunately, we only…

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Photo Essay: An Hour in Verona

After our visit to Sirmione, Lars and I had a choice. We could stick to the Garda Lake or go somewhere else. We chose the second option, had a quick look at our map and were off to Verona. Yes, just like that… The name brings back sweet memories from my years at university. Shakespeare and his sonnets and his plays.…

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A Morning in Sirmione

Although the Christmas festivities have already started in our home – Danes also celebrate the 23rd of December and Lars is no exception – I still have time for another post. It is not related to Christmas at all, but I simply cannot wait any longer to show you more pictures of our trip to Italy. After our stay in…

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Tasting Tuscan Wine – Part 2

Another 2 Tuscan vineyards worth mentioning: Azienda Agricolo San Michele Unfortunately, we cannot find the address of this winery, but we remember that it was not far from San Vincenzo. Not an inviting tasting area (it was very cold), but beautiful red wines and a grappa to die for! A big white dog keeps you company while you taste, choose…

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