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The Big City Gate

In the Middle Ages, Lübeck had become a wealthy city. In order to protect itself from its enemies, Lübeck built three city gates. Two of them remain and the Holstentor is one of them. The gate dates from the 15th century. During the centuries afterwards, the Holstentor underwent various stages of demolition and restoration. Nowadays, it consists of a north…

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Cute Little Devil

When Lars and I left the Marienkirche, a funny surprise awaited us in the courtyard: a small statue of a devil, right next to the church. People in Lübeck like to talk about a local legend. Many centuries ago, the devil helped the people of the town with the construction of a big building, thinking it would be a drinking…

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Magnificent Mary

I am referring to Saint Mary’s church or the Marienkirke of Lübeck. Let’s face it: there are churches and then there are Churches. If you don’t think this building is beautiful, then something is really wrong with you. Saint Mary’s church was constructed in the 13th – 14th century and is a perfect example of the north German brick Gothic…

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A Beautiful Morning in Lübeck

Lübeck had been on our wish list for a long time. This is the place where Lars studied to become an organ player. And according to him, it is one of the most charming German cities. And what is not to like about a city whose old town center is located on an island and has 7 churches? Lars and…

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Flensburg at Sunrise

The first time we went to Flensburg, Lars described it as a “cosy, small town where we could find some cheap alcohol”. In my imagination I saw cobbled streets, wooden houses, flowers everywhere, cosy pubs with people sitting outside, … So, I was a bit surprised when we found ourselves in a huge city, where we almost ended up with…

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