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One Day, Three Towns – Torgau

This small town is known for its old center with Renaissance buildings. Our first stop was at the Marienkirche, which was unfortunately closed. Ingrid, however, managed to take some pictures through the glass door. The main attraction of Torgau is a castle, Schloss Hartenfels. Around the courtyard are residential buildings, palaces and a chapel. Under the bridge is a bear…

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Photo (and video) Essay – Leipzig Zoo

This was originally not on our program, simply because our travel guide did not mention it. But when Ingrid saw publicity of it in our hotel, she became so enthusiastic that I could hardly say no to a visit to the Leipzig Zoo. Founded in 1978, the zoo hosts 850 animals in 6 theme worlds. Unfortunately, the weather made our…

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Our Highlights of Leipzig

Leipzig was on the program of our summer trip of 2014, but when Ingrid fell ill in the Czech Republic, we had to postpone our visit to this German town. Finally, we decided to go there during the Christmas vacation. Ingrid and I felt immediately at home in Leipzig, probably because it’s a city that has a lot to offer…

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The Yellow Castle

On our way to Prague, Lars and I saw the beautiful castle of Moritzburg. Moritzburg is a village, located to the northwest of Dresden. Its main attraction is its Baroque castle, which was built in the 16th century. It then served mainly as a hunting lodge and other buildings were added afterwards. It is located on an artificial island and…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Day 2: Dresden

Around 9 in the morning, we left Mesenich and headed for Dresden. We arrived around 4 in the afternoon. Since we only spend one night here, we decided not to explore the region, but to enjoy a quiet time in our hotel, the Azimut hotel, in the outskirts of the city: We booked this via, and got a…

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The Awesome Trip – Dresden

After 2 weeks the Viking and his Kitten started the second part of their Awesome Trip and went south. After more than 830 km they reached the little town of Bannewitz, not so far from Dresden. We had a morning stroll in this big town, mainly in the vicinity of the Frauenkirche. The Viking and his mate wisely decided they…

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