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Tierpark Christianental

Throwback Thursday – Tierpark Christianental

All good things come to an end and so do the posts about our summer holiday of 2015. By the way, we will not be making a long summer trip this year, but we will go abroad for shorter trips very soon! Anyway, Lars and I concluded our summer trip of two years ago in the Christianental, a beautiful valley…

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Throwback Thursday – Back To The Brocken

To go back or not to go back to the Brocken, that was the question… The Brocken is the highest mountain in the region of the Harz and North-Germany. Lars and I had had discussions in the past about visiting this mountain: it is a very touristic destination (not the aim of this website) and going there by steam train…

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Throwback Thursday – Quedlinburg

Looking back at our summer trip of 2015, Lars and I now realise that we actually crossed off some trips of our bucket list, such as driving on the Passo di Stelvio, visiting the amphitheatre of Durrës and spending some time in Slovakia. Next up was Quedlinburg. This town with more than 25.000 inhabitants is located in the north of…

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One Day, Three Towns – Halle

Short post, today. Town number 3 is Halle. A short post, because our visit to this charming place was shortened by the freezing weather – and the fact that I forgotten to bring my winter coat with me… Anyway, there was still a small Christmas market going on, which Ingrid would love to have visited. But I wanted to be…

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One Day, Three Towns – Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Next stop: a town that got its name from its most famous inhabitant. You can’t miss it: the huge market square with the Rathaus and its Baroque fountain. There are two main churches in the town and Ingrid and I visited one of them: the Gothic Marienkirche, built between the 13th and 15th century. This church is linked with Luther:…

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Another Sad Memory

I am referring to the old border between the former East and West Germany. Lars and I visited the Grenzdenkmal (Border Memorial) Hötensleben. You will find it in the Wallstrasse 3, 39393 Hötensleben. Entrance is free and you can visit it whenever you want. According to the website dark-tourism: The full array of the typical GDR border fortifications has been…

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Looking for Luther

Martin Luther, that is. On the last day of the year, Lars and I first drove to Eisleben, also Lutherstadt Eisleben. This is the town where Martin Luther was born and also died. Most of his life he lived in Wittenberg though. We quickly found a statue of the man in the center of town. Close to it is a…

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Going Back

During our excursion to the Brocken, Lars had forgotten a couple of very important items: his scarf and his hat. So, with the icy wind blowing all the time, he soon started freezing. Literally… After less than 20 minutes, there were icicles hanging in his beard and his face had become very red. Unfortunately, we had to wait another 20…

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