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Awesome Aachen – Part 3

Can you imagine that we spend a day in a very beautiful place without taking any pictures? That is simply because we were in an environment that didn’t allow any cameras: the Carolus Thermen in Aachen. What is awaiting you in this paradise? 3 thermal pools (1 inside, 2 outside), 15 saunas (dry and wet) and 3 restaurants! To be…

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Awesome Aachen – Part 2

After the candy shop, something else caught our attention: a group of statues near the Elisenbrunnen. And it kept on raining and raining on our way to the town hall. Located opposite the cathedral, the history of the town hall goes back to the 14th century. It is one of the landmarks of Aachen. We had become hungry again and…

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Aachen Cathedral

Awesome Aachen – Part 1

After a 2-hour drive, Lars and I arrived in Aachen last Monday. After a bit of rest in our hotel, we went to the centre of town, to have some dinner. We chose a restaurant quite close to the Aachen Cathedral, called Rose am Dom. We felt quite at home in the rustic but cosy interior. The menu features mainly…

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A Visit to the Christmas Market of Cologne 2015

The day after our visit to the Christmas market in Brussels, Lars and I took the train of 6.25 to Cologne. There are 5 Christmas markets there and we were going to spend half a day at the one near the Dom. We arrived around 8.45 at the main train station, which is located right near the mighty Dom. Though…

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Fun in Dortmund

Lars and I are budget travelers. It’s a deliberate choice we have made more than 5 years ago and we still don’t regret it. Of course, when we find a four- of five-star hotel on for a very low rate, we will not hesitate to book there. But what happens exactly when you put a couple like us in…

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