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The Island of Rügen

2014 is the year that I discovered the north of Germany, with beautiful places like Wismar, Schwerin and Ludwigslust. In the beginning of our big summer trip Lars and I added Rügen to this list. Rügen is the biggest German island, connected to the mainland by a dam. Its beauty is the variety of landscapes; cliffs, sandy beaches, hills, forests and cozy…

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The Big Market Place

Wismar has one of the biggest market places of Germany. The 10,000 m² square is surrounded by beautiful buildings, constructed in different styles, such as 14th century North German Gothic and 19th century Art Nouveau. The most important features of the Market Place are the town hall and the Wasserkunst, a fountain imported from Holland. Wismar belongs to the UNESCO…

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The Tower Without A Church And The Harbor

30 kilometers to the north of Schwerin is the town of Wismar, our next destination. One of the landmarks is the 80 meter high tower of the Marienkirche. The church itself was damaged during World War II and completely destroyed in 1960: And since Wismar is a port town, you can imagine that we couldn’t stay away from the harbor.…

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The Fairy Tale Palace

If you haven’t got a lot of time in Schwerin, make sure to visit the Schwerin Palace. It has been compared to Versailles and Neuschwanstein. The original castle dates from the 10th century, whereas the current one has been built in the 19th century. It is a beautiful example of romantic Historicism and has had many uses. The palace served…

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Arriving In Schwerin

After Ludwigslust, Lars and I went further north, to a town called Schwerin. I don’t think that I have ever seen a place that is idyllic and stately at the same time. Idyllic, because Schwerin is surrounded by lakes. Stately, because the town takes you back to the grandeur of a couple of centuries ago. As soon as we arrived…

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LuLu In B&W

A couple of facts about the castle in Ludwigslust: Originally, this was a hunting lodge. Prince Christian Ludwig – hence the name – turned it into a castle in the 18th century. The exterior is Late Baroque, whereas the interior is neoclassical. Today, the castle is home to an art museum. The entrance fee is € 3,00. As I promised…

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