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Zoo am Meer

Interesting Places around Bremen: Meeting Valeska and Lale

Verden an der Aller Charming town, about 30 kilometers from Bremen: Stop here for a drink in one of the many pubs and visit the impressive Dom, the Lutheran cathedral, built between the 12th and the 15th century. It’s easy to find it, given its oversized, spectacular roof. And last but not least, have a stroll in the cobbled streets……

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Introducing Bremen

Every year, we drive 4 – 5 times to Denmark to visit the family of Lars and to do a lot of exploring and photographing. We usually take the same route north and one of the cities that we pass is Bremen. After almost 5 years, we decided to visit it during a long weekend at the end of May.…

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On A Lighter Note

Let’s go back to the center of Celle. In order to avoid the crowds, we visited it the day afterwards, early in the morning. The center of Celle is really worth a visit, because it has remained intact throughout many centuries. More than 400 timber-framed houses – in renaissance and baroque style – have even survived the atrocities of World…

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Anne And The Hills

A couple of facts about Bergen – Belsen: Originally, it was a prisoner of war camp. Near the end of World War II, it expanded into a concentration camp. More than 100.000 people died here. There were no gas chambers in this camp; most people died from illness, starvation or exhaustion. Not only Jews ended up here, but also intellectuals,…

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At The Gate

If you have been following this blog for some time, you must have noticed that we discover a lot of places by coincidence. After we left Celle, we didn’t have any specific goal in mind. Lars and I were just driving around, hoping to find an interesting or beautiful place. And then we suddenly saw the signs towards Bergen –…

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The Dream Castle

It is not that Lars and I had been dreaming of living in a certain castle. No, we simply had the desire to see it. Let me explain… I am a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen. Now you know: I have a bit of a crush on him. Anyway, one of our favorite movies with him is A Royal Affair:…

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The Town of Beer

Another place the b&b owners recommended us for a visit, was Einbeck. One of Einbeck’s biggest industries has always been beer. At some point in history, there were more breweries in the town than actual houses… Nowadays, most of the breweries are gone; the biggest one that is left is the Einbecker brewery, which can be visited. Have a look…

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