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The Palace of No Worries

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Normally, Lars and I don’t visit touristic places. First of all, there are lots of blogs and websites dedicated to these and second, we are more attracted to off the beaten track places. It’s the goal of our blog. But there are exceptions to this rule, simply because some of these spots are too beautiful. Sanssouci certainly belongs to this…

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Potsdam – A First Look

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I have to admit that before I met Lars, my geographical knowledge about Germany was very limited. I knew about and had visited Aachen and Köln, probably because they are located so close to Belgium and they can be easily reached by train. But that was about it. One of the reasons of this limited knowledge is the fact that…

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A Model City

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Our last destination during our trip in and around Berlin was Eisenhüttenstadt. You won’t find any historical monuments here, since this city was founded in 1950. The first thing that was constructed was a steel mill and then a whole residential area for the workers. Eisenhüttenstadt was supposed to be a socialist model city. Most of the architecture was initially influenced…

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The Enchanting Town Square

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After our disappointment in Lehde, things could only get better. Lars thought it would be a good idea to drive to Cottbus. What a charming town! It’s incredible that Cottbus doesn’t attract more visitors. The main attraction is the town square which is  surrounded by colorful Baroque buildings. And lots of pubs and restaurants as well. Lars and I would…

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The Tourist Trap

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Lars and I have been traveling together for a bit more than 3 years now. You would assume that during this time we have learned how to avoid tourists traps. We haven’t. At least not always… In the beginning of this year we had seen a television program about Spreewald. It immediately appealed to our romantic souls: a biosphere reserve,…

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Sachsenhausen – Part 2

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As I wrote yesterday, the camp closed in 1950. Six years later, it was established as a national memorial and in 2012 a museum was built as well. Some of the original buildings have been restored, others have been reconstructed. You can see guard towers, barracks, crematory ovens and the camp entrance. In some of the barracks there are pictures,…

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Sachsenhausen – Part 1

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For our last destination of day 2, Lars and I went to Oranienburg. The city is located to the north of Berlin and is especially known for the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, whose remains have now been turned into a museum. It was built in 1936 and served initially as a camp for political prisoners. During the course of World War…

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