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Germany’s Highest Waterfall

At least, that is what the tourist information office in Freiburg said. The brochure of the nature park claims it as well. Triberg has got the highest waterfall of Germany. Unfortunately, it is a false claim. According to Wikipedia, the Triberger Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls of Germany, but the highest is actually the Rothbachfall. Anyway, the one…

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The Musicians in Donaueschingen

The last weekend of September was a long weekend, so Lars and I decided to go on a road trip again. Destination: Freiburg. Last year we visited Freiburg as well, so this time Lars and I wanted to concentrate on the surrounding area. We first went to the tourist information office and soon we were on our way to cozy…

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Going for a drive in the Black Forest

When I traveled with my parents or friends, we never went to the mountains. Sure, sometimes I crossed Austria or Switzerland and saw them from a distance, but that was it… The first time that I was really on a mountain, was last year when The Viking and I traveled to the north of Italy. I’ll never forget that drive…

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What else did we see in Freiburg?

The most unusual thing that I saw in Freiburg were the so-called Bächle; you can best compare them to gutters. In the Middle Ages, they provided water to extinguish fires and to feed animals. Nowadays, they don’t have any functionality and look like charming, very narrow canals. The water that runs through them comes from the main river in this…

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A pleasant morning in Freiburg

Everybody has a favorite destination. And when you meet the love of your life, you want to show that place to him or her. For The Viking, that place is Freiburg. I have to admit that before I met The Viking, I thought Germany was a boring country. Sure, I sometimes visited Aachen or Köln, but I really didn’t feel…

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