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The Waterfall Of Todtnau

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When Lars and I got out of the car and got ourselves ready for a walk, we noticed that our tripod was broken. We still have no idea how it happened, but we have to buy a new one. Lars had more or less a solution, a mini tripod, that he happened to have with him. Better that than nothing…

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Arriving In Todtnau

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On Sunday, it had been our plan to go to the center of Freiburg and have breakfast with a glass of Champagne. But it didn’t happen. Our Saturday evening celebrations had gotten a bit out of hand; we stayed up too late and drank a little bit too much alcohol. As a result, we woke up a lot later than…

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The Town Where We Didn’t Go To The Lakeside

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I guess you must have become tired of all my pictures of the Bodensee… Luckily for you, our last stop at the Bodensee was so beautiful, that we even didn’t go to the lake. Amazing, isn’t it? This magical place is called Meersburg. As soon as you are in the old center of town, you forget everything about the Bodensee.…

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Enchanting Langenargen

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Just when Lars and I thought that things couldn’t get better, we arrived in Langenargen. Again, Lars and I quickly found a place to park the car. But we were in for quiet a surprise when we arrived on the beach. I expected to see the usual: the lake, people kayaking or going for a walk or just sitting in…

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Radolfzell In Color

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I got a bit curious yesterday about the name “Radolfzell”. Did the word “Radolf” refer to a (real) person? According to Wikipedia, it does. The town was named after the bishop who founded it in the 9th century. And guess what? I also discovered that the lake – not the shores, but the lake itself – doesn’t belong to any…

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Radolfzell In Black And White

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The second day of our long weekend Lars and I decided to go to the Bodensee, which is located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We had been there last year, but only for a couple of hours. Lars and I loved the place so much that we simply had to come back, but preferably for at least one day. We…

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Germany’s Highest Waterfall

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At least, that is what the tourist information office in Freiburg said. The brochure of the nature park claims it as well. Triberg has got the highest waterfall of Germany. Unfortunately, it is a false claim. According to Wikipedia, the Triberger Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls of Germany, but the highest is actually the Rothbachfall. Anyway, the one…

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The Musicians in Donaueschingen

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The last weekend of September was a long weekend, so Lars and I decided to go on a road trip again. Destination: Freiburg. Last year we visited Freiburg as well, so this time Lars and I wanted to concentrate on the surrounding area. We first went to the tourist information office and soon we were on our way to cozy…

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