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Reims and the Chemin des Dames

In my last post, you saw the cultural and natural surroundings of Reims. Today, I’ll show the city from a completely different point of view: that of World War I. According to Wikipedia, In France, the Chemin des Dames (literally, the “ladies’ path”) is part of the D18 and runs east and west in the département of Aisne, between in…

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Photo Essay – Exploring the Surroundings of Reims

Ingrid and I loved the beautiful city of Reims, but its surroundings shouldn’t be ignored either. Here is our selection. Phare de Verzenay A lighthouse in the middle of Champagne vineyards? You’ll find it in the pretty village of Verzenay. The lighthouse nowadays serves as a museum about … Champagne. Les Faux de Verzy The French word “fau” means dward…

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Photo Essay – The Gem of Reims

  Ingrid and I have been in this area before, so this time we visited places we somehow ignored the first time. Like the Notre-Dame cathedral of Reims. The cathedral is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Europe. The interior is overwhelming; the cathedral is 138 m long and 38 m high in the center. The rose windows –…

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About 100 kilometers to the East of Paris lies a beautiful area where the French make Champagne. The biggest city is Reims, but we first visited Epernay. At the Avenue de Champagne the Viking and his mate visited some of the biggest Champagne houses: Afterwards we followed the Route de Champagne and ended up in a small village called Ambonnay…

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