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Impressions of Le Marais, Paris

La Marais is a district in Paris, that is spread across the 3rd and 4th arrondissement. Once the home of the Jewish community, nowadays lots of art galleries, Chinese immigrants and the LGBT community call it their home. And this is the district where Lars and I stayed during 3 sunny days in October. Lars had found us a modest hotel…

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Creepy Travels – The Catacombs of Paris: The Video

As promised, today we post the video about our visit to the Catacombs of Paris. What was the creepiest part of our visit to the Catacombs? Getting out! Not only did a spiral staircase of 85 steps prove to be a big challenge to our poor physical condition, the narrow and steep steps made us feel claustrophobic as well. Lars…

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Paris Catacombs

Creepy Travels – Catacombs of Paris

Want to know everything about Creepy Travels? Check out this post. Usually, people put beautiful, breathtaking and/or awesome destinations on their bucket-list. One of the places that Lars and I had on our list was quite the opposite: the Catacombs of Paris. At the end of the 18th century, the French capital faced 2 major problems: a series of cave-ins and…

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A Place for Parisian Hipsters – Canal Saint-Martin

This is the place in Paris that the so-called “bobos”(hipsters) call their home: the Canal Saint-Martin. With a length of 4.5 kilometers, it meanders through 4 arrondissements. Its construction took place in the beginning of the 19th century. Nowadays, it is popular amongst the local population and tourists alike, thanks to the many bistrots, restaurants and cinema theatres. Unfortunately, it…

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Montmartre Cemetery

An Afternoon in Paris – Photo Essay 2

What else did we do during that cloudy March day in Paris? Well, I did do something new in the Notre Dame de Paris: a visit to the Treasury, which contains a collection of precious and holy objects. Very interesting, and if I am not mistaken you need to pay an extra €3,- to get in. The second place in…

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Notre Dame de Paris

An Afternoon in Paris – Photo Essay 1

It should have been a day in Paris, but we had made a terrible mistake when we left our apartment to go to the train station: we hadn’t taken Lars’ passport with us. So, he had to come back home, fetch the document and hurry back to the station. Luckily, we could take a train to Paris an hour later.…

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Picture of the Day

I thought it would be a lovely idea to get some fresh air today. And Ingrid desperately wanted a change of scenery as well… So, we went to Pas-de-Calais – in the northwest of France, one of favorite regions in la douce France. We were very lucky with the weather. When we left Brussels, it started to rain, but once we…

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