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A Bay On Fire

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Lars had promised me something amazing. Something magical. After the lighting of the bonfire at Faxe Ladeplats and the sunset at our favorite beach, I could not imagine that I would see anything more beautiful. Guess what? Lars was right, I was wrong. We drove to a small place called Strøby. On the beach of Strøby, you have a splendid view of…

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A Magical Sunset

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Since Lars and I were back on Zealand, we simply had to go back to our favorite beach! When we drove to the beach, we realized that we had never been there during sunset. I was looking forward to this, but on the other hand I didn’t know what to expect. Were there going to be many people on the…

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The Lighting Of The Bonfire

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We continued to another small place, called Faxe Ladeplats. We initially wanted to stop here, because this is the place where the father of Lars was born. But then we saw a group of people, young and old, walking with torches in the main street of the town. Lars and I were simply enchanted. We were quite sure this had…

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Starting In The Garden Of Calves

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Last year, Lars and I experienced the festivities of Sankt Hans Aften on the island of Funen, where his mother lives. Lars was a bit disappointed. He didn’t know anything about the local traditions and was unaware of some important details. For example: he didn’t know at what time the bonfires started. Or if there were any bonfires. We ended…

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A different Denmark – Disappointment and a discovery

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We were not only on Zealand to visit our favorite beach. Lars and I were on a special mission. A secret mission. A mission we had been talking and dreaming about for months. A mission that Lars had been preparing for weeks. A mission that we were eager to share with you… It all started in September 2012, when we…

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A different Denmark – The Beach

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I am not referring to the movie, but to our favorite beach, which is situated on the island of Zealand. To be more precise, it is located near the village of Magleby, to the south of Copenhagen. Why is this beach so important for us? First of all, I am simply in love with the Danish coast. Because the Baltic…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Back to our favorite beach

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The Viking and I enjoyed our little escapade to Sweden and Norway very much! We were thrilled to see all these new landscapes, but we were also very happy when we were back on our favorite beach! We felt emotional about it. It’s hard to explain, but this beach has played an important part in our relationship. We have nothing…

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And back to Koge and surroundings

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Impossible to stay away from it: our perfect beach, not so far from Koge. But first, the Viking showed me a interesting place, a chalk mine: And then … the beach… Most of the snow had gone, but part of the sea is still frozen! You can see mini icebergs floating on the water:

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