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A Walk in Tønder

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Tønder is situated in the south of Denmark, in the south of Jutland to be more exact. The first time an official document referred to this town was in the 12th century. For centuries Tønder belonged to the German region of Schleswig – Holstein. Have a stop at the market place, which is surrounded by 17th and 18th century houses: Afterwards,…

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A different Denmark – Inside the cathedral of Ribe

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The cathedral was built during the 12th century and is a perfect example of a Romanesque building. Wikipedia has a beautiful description of it: The towers contain six bells. The oldest surviving bell was cast in 1456 by Hinrik Dobbran, a Melchior Lucas bell, the largest in the tower, from 1599, the smallest bell from 1770 cast by JN Bieber,…

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A different Denmark – Going back to the past

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Our last destination on Tuesday was Ribe. This is Denmark’s oldest town. According to Wikipedia, The town has many well-preserved old buildings, Ribe Cathedral, and about 110 houses are under Heritage Protection. Denmark’s oldest town hall is found on the town’s Von Støckens Plads. The building was erected in 1496, and was purchased by the city for use as a town hall in…

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A different Denmark – Men at Sea

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One of the biggest attractions of Esbjerg is actually located outside the town, to the west and is called Men at Sea. Men at Sea is a bit like the Danish version of the huge statues on the Easter Island. Or as Wikipedia says, The Men at Sea is a 9 metre (30 feet) tall white monument of four seated males, located…

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A different Denmark – Changing plans in Esbjerg

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After our visit to the vineyard, Lars and I continued our drive to Esbjerg. It’s the biggest town of the west of Jutland and one of the biggest of Denmark; it’s main economic activity is industry: The city was once Denmark’s biggest fishing harbour, and the harbour is still an economic driving force in the town. Besides the fishing industry…

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A different Denmark – Tasting Danish wine

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After our tour in the winery, it was time to do some tasting! There is a huge area where all the products are displayed and where the tasting takes place. But first things first: what grapes do they grow? This is the information I found on their website: Rondo, Leon Millot, Regent, Cabernet Cortis. Orion, Madeleine Angevine, Zalas Pearl, Solaris. In general, according…

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A different Denmark – Visiting a Danish vineyard

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On Tuesday morning, Lars’s mother was feeling better, so Lars and I decided to make a longer excursion. We went to Jutland and our first stop was at a Danish vineyard. Hang on… Vineyards in Denmark? Yes, and this is what Wikipedia has to say about them: Despite its northerly location, it has been developing a wine industry since the…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Dybbøl Mill

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Or Dybbøl Mølle, as it is called in Danish. Because of the outcome of the Second Schleswig War, Denmark lost quite some of its territory to Prussia and Austria. Dybbøl is known for the Battle of Dybbol. According to Wikipedia, The Battle of Dybbøl (Danish: Slaget ved Dybbøl; German: Erstürmung der Düppeler Schanzen) was the key battle of the Second Schleswig War and occurred on the morning of 18 April…

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