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Indian Summer in Denmark

Ingrid gave me an action camera for my birthday, and to be honest, I have had a lot of fun with it. I still have to learn a lot – like not filming my own shadow or putting my finger on the lens. But I do enjoy myself, and it is another way to document our excursions and trips. I…

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Black and White Morning

On a cloudy Sunday morning in May, Lars and I went back to Belgium. We had a short stop in the harbor of Fredericia. The town owns its name to Frederick III, who founded it in the 17th century. Fredericia is located close to the bridge that links Jutland with Funen. Since we cross this bridge very often, we had…

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Sky Mountain

Or that is at least the literal translation of Himmelbjerget. It’s not a mountain, but with its 147 meters, Himmelbjerget is one of the highest hills of Denmark. This was the second time that Lars and  I tried to visit the place. The first time was in the summer of 2010; we had to run away, since there were way…

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The Harbor of Grenå

You may have wondered what happened to us this week… I actually have been struggling with a nasty stomach bug and Lars has been busy with taking care of me and with the planning of our summer trip. Today is the first day that I actually feel well enough to do some blogging. Anyway, back to Grenå. Since it’s located at…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Experiencing Your Rainbow Panorama

The Viking and I had planned a visit to ARoS on Thursday 19 July. According to the weather forecast, there were going to be thunderstorms, so we thought it would be a good idea to be in a museum that day. So, we left Nyborg and about 90 minutes later we were in Aarhus: Although ARoS is one of…

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Denmark’s birth certificate

The only day during our stay in Denmark that the weather wasn’t too bad, I did take some color pictures. And it was at a new destination: Jelling. This was a place that we had wanted to visit for a long time, but somehow we never seemed to have enough for it. And now we did. Jelling is a small…

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Central Jutland

The Awesome Trip – Central Jutland

The Viking and his Kitten also visited the central part of the Jutland. Just like the day before we went straight to Esbjerg, but instead of going south we drove to the north to Ringkobing Fjord. The area was a lot more touristic than we had imagined – holiday homes in every dune – which was a bit disappointing. We…

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