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Relaxing in a Beer Spa

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After 6 months, I (Ingrid) am taking over the blog again. I hope that you all enjoyed the posts of Lars. It wasn’t easy for him, but I think he did a good job. By the way, this doesn’t mean that my depression is completely over, but I am feeling much better again. Anyway, last year, a nasty bacteria made…

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Kafka’s Castle

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As I wrote yesterday, the main point of attraction in Frydlant is its castle. According to Wikipedia, it is a Gothic castle with a high tower and a Renaissance chateau. Moreover, this is the building that inspired Kafka the write the novel called “The Castle”. Franz Kafka was born at the end of the 19th century in Prague to Jewish…

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Frydlant – A forgotten town

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Most visitors who come to Frydlant seem to go immediately to its majestic castle and seem to ignore the town itself. And that’s a shame, because although there aren’t any cultural highlights or beautiful landscapes here, it is a pretty town, with pubs, restaurants and small, cosy shops.

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A stroll in the oldest town in Bohemia

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JablonnĂ© v Podjestedi was founded in 1240. We first had a walk on the beautiful main square, but the major point of attraction here is the Basilica of St Lawrence and St Zdislava, which was built in 17th – 18th century in the Baroque style. Unfortunately, it was closed when The Viking and I were there, so I could only…

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A different ending at the outskirts of Terezin

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The more you walk away from the center of Terezin, the more abandoned the place looks. There are few traces of what happened here dozens of years ago, but the atmosphere is not very cheerful. It is as if you can still feel the suffering. It got only worse when we visited the Mortuary and Ceremonial Halls, the Jewish Cemetery…

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Terezin – Visiting a ghost town

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Since The Viking and I are both very much interested in World War II, we planned an excursion to Terezin, which used to be a transit camp. After having visited Auschwitz and Birkenau about two years ago, we thought that our visit in Terezin was going to be a less horrible experience. But what we saw and learned there, surpassed…

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Walking around in Liberec

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Apart from the beautiful town hall and the cosy main square, there are some other beautiful sights in this town: Sokolovske Namesti, a smaller square with colorful, beautiful decorated houses The Church of St. Anthony, built in the 16th century F X Saldy Theater, dating from the 19th century, also with a detailed decorated facade All of these places are…

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Admiring the town hall of Liberec

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On our way back to our hotel in Mikulasovice, we had a short stop in Liberec. This is one of the largest cities of the Czech Republic, founded in the 14th century by German and Flemish (!) migrants. One of the main attractions – and the reason why we were there – is its town hall. It’s one of the…

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