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Discovering the Bohemian Paradise – Kost Castle

Remember the castle in Beersel? I know that there are bigger castles here in Belgium, but I always thought that this one was quite impressive. And then I saw Kost Castle. The Viking and I were blown away not only by the size and the splendor of the building, but also by the fact that it’s still in such a…

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Discovering the Bohemian Paradise – Sobotka and the Hunting Lodge

The Bohemian Paradise is not only about nature, but also about cosy, small towns such as Sobotka. It is located to the south of the Prachovske Skaly reserve and has about 2300 inhabitants. We took a couple of pictures of the picturesque center and then went to the edge of the town. Behind the cemetery, on a hill, there is…

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Discovering the Bohemian Paradise – Prachovske Skaly reserve

This was by far one of the most spectacular places we have seen during our trip to the Czech Republic. Prachovske Skaly reserve is a group of huge rock formations, located in the east of the Bohemian Paradise. The reserve is about 1 km² big and attracts lots of hikers and climbers. It’s not free to enter the reserve however and…

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Discovering the Bohemian Paradise – Hrubá Skála

On Easter Monday, the weather had completely changed. We had mild temperatures and lots of sun, ideal circumstances to do some walking. And what better place to do this in a place called Bohemian Paradise! This protected area is situated in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic and attracts numerous hikers and cyclists. The main attractions are not only…

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