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Back to Prague – Part 2

Something that Lars and I love to do during our travels, is to taste the local cuisine. We have become slightly addicted to Pilsner Urquell (the best known Czech beer) and Kozel, a dark hearty beer. And then there are the numerous liquors and … absynthe! In a local pub, I had some gnocchi with sheep cheese and bacon (…

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Back to Prague – Part 1

Lars and I¬†always like to make a detour before returning home and since we could easily reach Prague from Berchtesgaden by train, we decided to spend two days in the Czech capital. The first day we arrived quite late in the evening, so there was no time left for any sightseeing. We did explore the hotel bar though… The next…

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Lunch in Plzen

A freezing wind welcomes us in Plzen, the place where pilsener beer was born. And since it was almost noon, Lars and I headed to the first restaurant that we saw. We had a refreshing Gambrinus with our tasty meal. Afterwards, we paid a visit to one of the city’s most important sights, the Gothic St. Bartholomew Cathedral. Founded in…

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A Quick Walk in Karlovy Vary

Sometimes, things simply don’t work out… No matter how much a certain town/village/museum or whatever is praised in books or on the Internet, you fail to see what is so charming/beautiful/cozy or whatever. For Lars and especially me, it’s Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Maybe it’s because the first time we tried to visit it, we simply couldn’t… In…

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Relaxing in a Beer Spa

After 6 months, I (Ingrid) am taking over the blog again. I hope that you all enjoyed the posts of Lars. It wasn’t easy for him, but I think he did a good job. By the way, this doesn’t mean that my depression is completely over, but I am feeling much better again. Anyway, last year, a nasty bacteria made…

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An Afternoon in a Nature Reserve – Part 2

Venture further into the Soos nature reserve and the landscape changes drastically… The many gaseous carbon dioxide springs, with water that sometimes turns orange and which smell heavily of sulphur take you back to prehistoric times. We are referring to the so – called mud volcanoes. According to Wikipedia, The terms¬†mud volcano¬†or¬†mud dome¬†are used to refer to formations created by…

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