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An Unexpected Visit To Planckendael – Part 1

The visit was unexpected, because after Pairi Daiza Lars and I had not planned a visit to another Belgian zoo this year. But then a promotion came up with a discount of 50% for the entrance and parking fee and we decided to go to Planckendael anyway. This zoo is affiliated with the one in Antwerp – probably the best-known…

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Botanic Garden Meise

In Awe At The Botanic Gardens Of Meise

When it comes to the Botanic Gardens of Meise, there are two important numbers: 92 hectares (that is 227 acres for our American readers) and 18.000 species of plants (which is about 6% of all known plants). Or in other words: this is one of the biggest botanic gardens in the world. Our first recommendation is thus very simple: take…

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A Walk In Brugge – Part 2

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Lars and I finally made it back to Brugge. It was about time to introduce him to iconic places such as the Minnewater and the canals. Adding to the romantic feeling of the canals is the presence of many swans. And as you can see, there were lots of people around! It was about time…

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