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Photo Essay – Starting in Ladis

Our big summer trip of last year started in Tyrol, in a small Austrian town called Ladis. Lars and I only stayed there for one night, on our way to the Balkans. We had a fabulous room with a magnificent view on the Alps. The building you see in the pictures is the restored ruins of 13th-century castle. Before dinner,…

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Between Donau and Balaton – Villa Urbana

Now that Lars and I had this combined ticket, it would have been stupid if we hadn’t visited one of the other historical sites. So off we went to Petronell – Carnuntum. The main site is the Open Air Museum, which is situated in the Hauptstrasse 1 and where you can visit the Roman city quarter. But first of all,…

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Between Donau and Balaton – Stumbling upon an amphitheater

Although I love the waterside very much, I thought after having stopped at 3 villages and taken pictures of the Donau, that it was about time to continue our trip to Bratislava. I didn’t want to bore you to death with dozens of photographs of the river (especially not after all the pictures of the Balaton lake). While we were…

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Between Donau and Balaton – Looking for the river

Vienna! The beautiful city with its churches, cathedrals, palaces, monuments, museums! The Sacher Torte! A city that has lot to offer when you love culture and history! Well… we didn’t visit it. Lars and I had both visited the city extensively in our younger years and we didn’t feel like going back. We didn’t want to go to the touristic…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Day 35: Passing through Austria

Time to go back home. Time to leave beautiful Slovenia. We preferred passing through the Austrian Alps and head to Munich, and look for a place to sleep there. I have always loved water, in all its forms: oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, … For a long time I just didn’t feel attracted to mountains. It just didn’t appeal to me…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Day 29: The Austrian Alps

We like to drive around. And not always with a specific goal … Just cruising around and enjoying the landscapes! So, on this day we just decided to take the car and drive to the mountains. Soon we crossed the border with Austria and spent a day cruising around and admiring the landscapes: Actually, we ended up in Italy! It…

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Spring in Italy: Crossing the Alps

After a copious breakfast, we left Widdig and headed for the South of Germany. And then we crossed the Alps: As soon as we arrived in Italy, we left the motorway and drove via a beautiful local road to our destination: Castelrotto: a pretty village, about 1000 meters high in the mountains. If you are looking for culture or entertainment,…

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