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The South Funen Archipelago – Part 2

Finally… back for part 2! Lars and I have been away for 2 days – we were in Eupen, to be more precise – and we enjoyed ourselves a lot, even though the weather sucked. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed! Troense is one of our favourite places on the island of Tåsinge. This town is small and picturesque and has…

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Svendborg harbour

The South Funen Archipelago – Part 1

This is a part of Denmark that Lars and I had visited before by car, but never by boat! So, on a sunny Saturday afternoon at the end of May, we enjoyed a mini-cruise of 2 hours on the MS Helge, a vintage vessel. First, we walked to the harbour of Svendborg, which in itself is a photogenic place. Lars and…

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An Afternoon in Blankenberge

So 1 September has arrived; kids and teenagers are back at school and the summer days seem to be over. The sun has disappeared and rain and wind are back again. Looks like autumn has an early start; that’s why last Sunday – when the weather was still sunny and hot – Lars and I decided to go to the…

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Denmark – Returning to Møn

Autumn weather in Denmark can be very unpredictable. Rain and wind chased us away from Middelfart, but the day afterwards the sun and milder temperatures had returned. Ingrid and I decided to go for a long drive, to Møn. This small island is known for its cliff; since we had already seen this, we were curious if Møn had something else to…

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Nakkebølle Fjord

Another Bay

If you look at the map I inserted in the former post, you can clearly see Nakkebølle Fjord. In Denmark, the word “fjord” has different meanings. Forget the majestic Norwegian fjords; in Denmark a small inlet of water or a bay can be called a fjord. The word Nakkebølle on the other hand refers to a nearby estate with the same name.…

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Big and Small

I am referring to Store (Big) and Lille (Small) Svelmø, two uninhabited islands to the south of Funen, not far from Faaborg.   Our GPS didn’t know any of the two islands, so Lars and I had to drive around for more than half an hour before we found them. And once we did, we felt overjoyed since the place was…

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Nyborg Beach

Fresh Sea Air

It usually takes us 9 – 10 hours to drive from Brussels to Nyborg, Denmark. This cosy town is situated in the north of the central island of Funen; this is where Lars and I start most of our excursions. The first thing I want to do after a long drive is to go to the beach; watch the waves, feel…

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