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Throwback Thursday – Quedlinburg

Looking back at our summer trip of 2015, Lars and I now realise that we actually crossed off some trips of our bucket list, such as driving on the Passo di Stelvio, visiting the amphitheatre of Durrës and spending some time in Slovakia. Next up was Quedlinburg. This town with more than 25.000 inhabitants is located in the north of…

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Throwback Thursday – To Ruzomberok

Ruzomberok is a small city in the North of Slovakia. Lars and I passed a lovely two days there in the beginning of August 2015. However, due to a bad cold and the constantly changing weather, we did not to get to do as much exploring as we would have liked to. Since we had arrived quite late, dinner had…

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Aachen Cathedral

Awesome Aachen – Part 1

After a 2-hour drive, Lars and I arrived in Aachen last Monday. After a bit of rest in our hotel, we went to the centre of town, to have some dinner. We chose a restaurant quite close to the Aachen Cathedral, called Rose am Dom. We felt quite at home in the rustic but cosy interior. The menu features mainly…

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In The Footsteps of Vlad The Impaler – Sighișoara

When I read Dracula, I was vaguely aware that Bram Stoker had found inspiration for his main character in a real man, Vlad the Impaler. After having traveled to Romania two times – 2011 and 2013 -, I became more and more interested in this man with his formidable surname. I started reading about him on the Internet, especially on Wikipedia,…

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Riga and Surroundings: Looking up, The Angry Lady and Some Peace and Quiet

With 700.000 inhabitants, Riga is not only the biggest city of Latvia, but also of the three Baltic countries. Its historical center belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, because of all its Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture. The best thing to do while walking around in the city is to … look up and admire the details! Don’t forget to visit the…

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The Big Market Place

Wismar has one of the biggest market places of Germany. The 10,000 m² square is surrounded by beautiful buildings, constructed in different styles, such as 14th century North German Gothic and 19th century Art Nouveau. The most important features of the Market Place are the town hall and the Wasserkunst, a fountain imported from Holland. Wismar belongs to the UNESCO…

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And Now For Something Really Completely Different

The last day of our big summer trip had come… Sigh… We always try to squeeze in 1 or 2 extra excursions before we really head back to Brussels. This time was no exception. The first place we visited was Völklingen. What started as a small steel mill at the end of the 19th century developed into a real industrial…

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Butrint – Part 2

The weather is hot. You are climbing a lot of stairs. You are sweating like a horse. You regret not having brought any water or any other beverage with you. Yes, I was that stupid… (Lars wasn’t by the way). Then you reach the top. The top of fortifications. And you look around and you see one of the most…

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