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Wannsee Villa

An Encounter with History at the Wannsee Villa

From the outside, it just looks like a beautiful villa… The word Wannsee refers to the big lake where the villa is located. Quite an idyllic place, wouldn’t you say? It is hard to imagine that one of the most decisive moments of World War II took place here. Ever heard of the Wannsee Conference? Wikipedia gives an elaborate definition:…

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A Short Exploration of The Wolfsschlucht I

The word Wolfsschlucht (Wolf’s Gorge) refers to two military headquarters of Hitler. The first one is situated in Brûly-de-Pesche, the other one in Margival in France. Lars and I visited the first one. You can find Brûly-de-Pesche in the Belgian Ardennes. Brûly-de-Pesche was – and still is – a small village, not far from the French border. Adolf Hitler used this…

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One Side of Warsaw

The tourist information office of Warsaw proposes various trails you can follow in the Polish capital. Ingrid and I chose the theme of “Warsaw Judaica”, with three trails. Here are our highlights. The ghetto of Warsaw When the Germans invaded Poland, they treated the Jews of Warsaw in the same way as in other cities. They put them in a…

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Wolf's Lair

Photo Essay – The Wolf’s Lair

First of all, since Ingrid is seriously ill, I am taking over the website for the next 6 weeks. Three years ago, Ingrid and I saw the movie Valkyrie, based on the 20 July plot. During this event Colonel von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler in the Wolf’s Lair, one of Hitler’s most important military headquarters in the east of Europe.…

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Anne And The Hills

A couple of facts about Bergen – Belsen: Originally, it was a prisoner of war camp. Near the end of World War II, it expanded into a concentration camp. More than 100.000 people died here. There were no gas chambers in this camp; most people died from illness, starvation or exhaustion. Not only Jews ended up here, but also intellectuals,…

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At The Gate

If you have been following this blog for some time, you must have noticed that we discover a lot of places by coincidence. After we left Celle, we didn’t have any specific goal in mind. Lars and I were just driving around, hoping to find an interesting or beautiful place. And then we suddenly saw the signs towards Bergen –…

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Sachsenhausen – Part 2

As I wrote yesterday, the camp closed in 1950. Six years later, it was established as a national memorial and in 2012 a museum was built as well. Some of the original buildings have been restored, others have been reconstructed. You can see guard towers, barracks, crematory ovens and the camp entrance. In some of the barracks there are pictures,…

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Sachsenhausen – Part 1

For our last destination of day 2, Lars and I went to Oranienburg. The city is located to the north of Berlin and is especially known for the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, whose remains have now been turned into a museum. It was built in 1936 and served initially as a camp for political prisoners. During the course of World War…

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