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Wannsee Villa

An Encounter with History at the Wannsee Villa

From the outside, it just looks like a beautiful villa… The word Wannsee refers to the big lake where the villa is located. Quite an idyllic place, wouldn’t you say? It is hard to imagine that one of the most decisive moments of World War II took place here. Ever heard of the Wannsee Conference? Wikipedia gives an elaborate definition:…

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Durrës Amphitheatre

Throwback Thursday – The Durrës Amphitheatre

During our Summer trip of 2015, Lars and I spent one week in one of the biggest cities of Albania, Durrës. Most of the time we enjoyed a lazy life on the beach, but we did make time to visit one of the biggest attractions of the city: the Amphitheatre. Built in the 2nd century, it was one of the very…

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Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa

Exploring Roman Ruins in Romania

The last place where we stayed in Romania last year before heading back to Belgium, was Sarmizegetusa (county of Hunedoara). Lars and I had chosen the place by accident, not knowing that it actually harbours Roman ruins. Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa was the capital of Roman Dacia in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, until Goths destroyed the city. According to Wikipedia,…

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In The Footsteps of Vlad The Impaler – Comana Monastery

We have come to the final stage of the life of Vlad Tepes. Little is known about his death though. Historians presume that he died in a battle against the Turks at the end of December 1476, somewhere between Bucharest and Giurgiu. But where is the man buried? For a long time, rumours had it that he was buried at…

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In The Footsteps of Vlad The Impaler – Oratea Fortress

First, let us do a bit of recapitulation. In our last post, we stated that John Hunyadi at one point in history captured Vlad Tepes. That is a proven fact. What is not a proven fact is that Vlad was a prisoner in Hunedoara Castle. But historians are convinced that he was locked up in Oratea Fortress, which is located…

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In The Footsteps of Vlad The Impaler – Hunedoara Castle

Unfortunately, this is another post where it is difficult to distinguishing fact from fiction. But first a word about Hunedoara Castle, one of the biggest of its kind in Romania and in Europe. Prepare to be blown away by this Gothic-Renaissance castle; not only because of its size, but also because of its number of bastions and towers! When you enter…

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In The Footsteps of Vlad The Impaler – Bran Castle

This is without any doubt the most famous castle of Romania! Thanks to its location – on a high rock formation, overlooking valleys – and its interesting history, this is a fascinating venue indeed. Don’t like crowds? Then visit Bran castle on weekdays, before or after the touristic season. Nevertheless, everything in Bran focuses on its castle and Vlad, so it…

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