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Château d'Antoing

The Devil And The Castle – Part 3

Let’s start with the bad news: most of the castle is not open for visitors. And that is a shame because that is where most of the film was made. You will have to do with a visit to the watchtower. But first some more exterior shots. And finally, it is time to enter the castle (or at least the…

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The Devil And The Castle – Part 1

I have always been a big movie fan – I even wrote articles for an online movie magazine for some years – and a genre that I can really appreciate is horror movies. Imagine my surprise when not so long ago I was introduced – by Vanessa Morgan – to a Belgian horror movie that has even reached cult status:…

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Inspired by movies – Haunted or not?

Residual Residence was made in Bredene. The director of the movie didn’t have to look very far for a suitable location for his haunted house movie. He simply used the house where his grand-parents used to live. It is abandoned now, but his family still takes care of it. I found it a bit bizarre; the house is certainly not…

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Inspired by movies – Residual Residence

We were missing in action half of the weekend, thanks to a stupid iPod and two very stubborn PC’s. I am happy to announce that The Viking and I won this epic and exhausting battle. And even happier to announce that we did have some time to be on the road and see and photograph some very interesting stuff. I…

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Inspired by movies – Finding the perfect location for Babette’s Feast

Babette’s Feast is actually based on a short story by Karen Blixen. Maybe this name rings a bell, because one of her other stories was the inspiration of the movie Out of Africa. Anyway, Babette’s Feast was originally set in Norway. The director of the movie, Gabriel Axel, traveled to Norway and visited the village where the story takes place.…

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Inspired by movies – Babette’s Feast

This was the first Danish movie to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The two central characters are two sisters living in a remote village somewhere in Jutland. They are very much devoted to their father, who is the pastor of a small Protestant church and who is honored by the whole community. And although his daughters…

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Inspired by movies – The Strangers Outside: Creepy Interiors

Vanessa told us that the creepiest scenes of the movie had been shot inside the fortification. So, of course, we had to have a look inside. Thus, Vanessa, The Viking and I went to the entrance. Once we were at the entrance, Vanessa and The Viking were a little hesitant to go inside the fortification… Now, I have to admit…

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Inspired by movies – The Strangers Outside: What is that building?

When I was a child, my parents were often annoyed by my questions and my curiosity. I always told them that if you are not curious, you don’t know anything! I was very curious about the big building with the war memorial that was surrounded by the holiday cottages. It was clear it had something to do with World War…

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