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Religious Splendour in Alba Iulia

Highly recommended by our travel guide and by the hotel owners, was the city of Alba Iulia. This town used to be the capital of Transylvania in the 16th and 17th century, a glorious past that has left its traces in the citadel, a huge fortress with lots of religious and administrative buildings. If you only have a few hours…

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In The Footsteps of Vlad The Impaler – Comana Monastery

We have come to the final stage of the life of Vlad Tepes. Little is known about his death though. Historians presume that he died in a battle against the Turks at the end of December 1476, somewhere between Bucharest and Giurgiu. But where is the man buried? For a long time, rumours had it that he was buried at…

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Around Sighișoara – Saschiz and Viscri

If you are interested in history and/or architecture, there are some interesting gems to discover in the area around Sighișoara; I am referring to the fortified churches. If you want to know more about them, I suggest you read this post. For a beautiful example of a fortified church, have a look here. Saschiz is another commune with a fortified church;…

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Photo Essay – The Gem of Reims

  Ingrid and I have been in this area before, so this time we visited places we somehow ignored the first time. Like the Notre-Dame cathedral of Reims. The cathedral is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Europe. The interior is overwhelming; the cathedral is 138 m long and 38 m high in the center. The rose windows –…

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A Photographic Walk in Tallinn – Part 1

We loved Lithuania. We loved Latvia. What about Estonia? Would we be lucky a third time? The answer is simple. We fell in love with Estonia immediately. To be honest, Ingrid and I had a bit of luck. The apartment we had rented in Tallinn, wasn’t available at the time of our arrival, but the owner proposed a more luxurious…

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Riga and Surroundings: Looking up, The Angry Lady and Some Peace and Quiet

With 700.000 inhabitants, Riga is not only the biggest city of Latvia, but also of the three Baltic countries. Its historical center belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, because of all its Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture. The best thing to do while walking around in the city is to … look up and admire the details! Don’t forget to visit the…

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Riga Cathedral

An Hour in Riga Cathedral

It is one of the landmarks of the Latvian capital and one of the biggest medieval buildings in the Baltic States. Riga Cathedral is a fine example of Gothic architecture and dates from the beginning of the 13th century. It has one of the biggest pipe organs in the world, which is now undergoing renovation. Have a look in the…

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Blue Church Heviz

The Blue Church

For our last excursion of the day, Lars and I returned to the place where we stayed, Heviz. We have seen churches in all shapes and sizes, but a blue church with seven towers? That was something new! The roman catholic church of the Holy Spirit is in the center of town and dates from the 20th century – it…

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