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Granada Cathedral

I am seriously considering going back to daily blogging – or maybe at least for a short while  -, because Lars and I have so much to share! And with spring in full swing here, we are busy exploring our surroundings several times a week; the province of Granada really has a lot to offer and so far, we have…

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Visiting Silves Cathedral

During the second day of our exploration of the Algarve, Lars and I kept on travelling west and stopped in a town of great historical importance: Silves. This was the former Portuguese capital, which boasts a.o. a castle and a cathedral. I had been here before more than 20 years ago and was keen on seeing the cathedral again. The…

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The Big Move – Competa

It took us some months, but Lars and I finally did it: pay a visit to the neighbouring wine town of Competa. It wasn’t the drive towards it nor its location in the mountains that was difficult: getting rid of your car is. After some minutes of wandering in the streets, you arrive at the central square, home to some fine…

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Back to The Abbey of Villers-la-Ville

One of the first things I did when I was released from the hospital at the end of March was to photograph again. Almost 5 weeks without photography was unbearable… I wanted to go to a place Lars and I had visited so I could practice again. And a really photogenic place, not far from Brussels is the Abbey of Villers-la-Ville.…

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Our Last Spring in Brussels – Part 3

Well, not all spring days are beautiful… I took these pictures at the Kunstberg/Mont des Arts – literally, hill of art -, a historic and cultural neighbourhood in Brussels. It is located between the Royal Palace and the Grand Place and features some of the most popular museums of the Belgian capital such as BOZAR and the Musical Instruments Museum.…

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Photo Essay – A Royal Visit

Once a year, the Royal Palace of Brussels opens its doors to the public. This usually happens during July and August, for the duration of more or less a month. By the way, this palace has a ceremonial function; the royals themselves live in the Royal Palace of Laken (which is never open). Or as the official website of the…

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Laeken cemetery

New On Our YouTube Channel!

I had completely forgotten about this, but Lars made a short video about our short stroll in the crypt of Laken/Laeken. By the way, I no longer use the music of my video editing software; instead, I go for the music that YouTube suggests. And I found a melancholy tune to accompany this video. Enjoy!

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Schans Dorpveld

Creepy Travels – Back To A Haunted Fortification – Part 3

During our visit in the fortification in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Lars made videos both inside and outside. Some of the videos that he shot inside, however, were completely black; apparently, our GoPro doesn’t function well in conditions with very low light. Nevertheless, I was able to put something together… Don’t forget that this building is on private property; we had permission to…

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