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Tasting Tuscan Wine – Part 1

What is better than driving around in Tuscany? Answer: driving around in Tuscany and tasting wines. The tourist information office in San Vincenzo had given us a list of wineries and this is our selection: Caccia al Piano 1868 Via Bolgherese 279 57022 Castagneto A tasting costs 10 € and includes 5 wines and a light lunch. Ingrid and I tasted…

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Touring Cinque Terre – Part 2

Ingrid and I kept on driving around in the beautiful region of Cinque Terre. Finally, we could find a place to park the car in the beautiful village of … Corniglia This is the only village of Cinque Terre that is not adjacent to the sea. Instead, it is surrounded by picturesque terraces of vineyards. If you are on foot,…

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Touring Cinque Terre – Part 1

Or actually, this one should be called “How not to visit Cinque Terre”. The odds were against us from the beginning; Ingrid and I were located about something more than 200 kilometers from the region and the car ride took us on long local roads, thus becoming very long. It was already in the middle of the afternoon when we arrived…

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The Big Boys – San Gimignano

While Ingrid and I were having a stroll in Siena, she asked me if I had ever been to San Gimignano. When I gave a negative answer, we knew what our next destination was going to be. Yes, another touristic highlight (and another photo essay)! But I think it is important – or even necessary – that you see this…

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