Photo Essay – An Introduction to the Alpujarra

This is a region in the province of Granada, located on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada. Lars and I had often seen roadsigns towards this location and somehow we thought that one afternoon would be enough to explore it. We were wrong!

Anyway, we started our tour in Lanjaron:

This is a spa town with a beautiful historic centre. Unfortunately, Lars and I couldn’t get rid of our car, so I can only show you this panoramic shot.

During our drive to the east, in the direction of Cadiar, I took some more pictures.

After having driven around for some hours, Lars and I started to realize how big the area of the Alpujarra actually is. We stopped in Cadiar, for some desserts and feline company.

Lars and I learned a valuable lesson that day: we had underestimated the Alpujarra. We have to discover this region step by step. Besides, there are vineyards and bodegas that we need to pay a visit to as well.

I am not sure yet what I am going to publish on Friday. My laptop broke down on Monday evening, so I am a little bit behind with the editing of pictures and videos. On the other hand, I still have a lot of material about our stay in Cordoba! Keep on following us to find out what I will publish!

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