A First Look at the Costa Tropical

First of all, where (or what) is the Costa Tropical? It is actually the Meditteranean coastline of the province of Granada, whereas the coastline of the province of Malaga is called the Costa del Sol. The presence of mountains (Sierra Nevada) close to the sea excludes the presence of big towns and resorts and of high-rise buildings at the Costa Tropical. And this is quite unique for the Spanish coast. Exceptions are Motril and Almunecar.

Lars and I explored part of the Costa Tropical last weekend and were completely charmed by the small towns along the coast. Look at these pictures of Calahonda, a town not far from Motril.

Let me tell you something. If Lars and I ever find an affordable apartment in Calahonda, we will move there! We have become completely smitten with this place.

Anyway, we kept on driving east, in the direction of Almeria. Other picturesque towns that Lars and I passed were Castell de Ferro and El Lance. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a place to park the car, so therefore I have no pictures of these places. But we will be back!

Lars and I were luckier in Castillo de Banos.  I wouldn’t mind living there either, by the way.

As usual, we had become hungry. Lars and I had a portion of grilled sardines with a mixed salad. BEST. SARDINES.EVER.

We stayed in the restaurant for quite a long time, not just enjoying the food (and drinks). but the atmosphere and views as well. Afterwards, we drove back home.

On this map, you can see the route we followed:

You have two options for travel here. You can follow the A7, which is the motorway or – and this is by far our biggest favourite – you can take the N34o, which is the coastal road, perfect for some casual driving around and exploring.

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