Hotel Flashback – Bica Boa Inn

In our last post, we told you that we had been thrown out of the hotel that we had booked in  Monchique. Luckily, Lars and I quickly found another one: Bica Boa Inn.  There was only one drawback: because of the fires, there was no electricity.

The Inn only has a handful of cosy and clean rooms, but this guarantees a warm and personal reception by the lively (and lovely!) hostess. The Inn itself is charming and has a warm atmosphere.

There is a restaurant as well. The menu is limited, but this ensures daily fresh ingredients. Try the chicken Piri-Piri and certainly don’t skip the elaborate and very tasty breakfast.

Despite the lack of electricity, Lars and I certainly enjoyed our stay here and would recommend this place to anyone visiting Monchique.

Bica Boa Inn
E.N.266, 8550-221 Monchique, Portugal

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