The Big Move – El Morche

So far, we have shared pictures of Torrox (the village) and Torrox Costa, but there is a third part, called El Morche. It counts about 2100 inhabitants and is home to beautiful beaches.

By the way, Lars and I took these pictures last week. As you can see, we are still having very nice weather here with temperatures easily reaching 22 Celsius degrees on a regular basis. Apart from the tedious Spanish administration, we certainly don’t regret leaving Belgium!

After our short visit to El Morche, we returned to Torrox Costa, to our favourite restaurant (more about that in a later post). Lars and I first saw a man fishing on the beach, later a bridal party arrived.

And then Mother Nature gave a very beautiful show…

In our The Big Move section, we will, later on, show you our favourite restaurants in Torrox Costa and pictures from our visit to the neighbouring wine village of Competa.


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