From Odeceixe to Monchique

First of all, after we had published our post about Cape St. Vincent, another blogger reached out to us. In the meantime, I have had the time to check out their website which is called Trip Planning Master. I especially like this post; this is something that is useful for us and maybe for you, dear readers, as well. And let’s face it: planning a trip is as fun as going on the trip itself!

Back to our summer trip to and in Portugal. After Carrapateira, we kept on driving to the north and then after we had almost reached the region of the Alentejo, we turned south again, to Monchique where we stayed in a very charming hotel. This was the itinerary:

Odeceixe is a charming village with cosy streets; one of its parishes, by the way, is Odeceixe Beach, which has one of the very few naturist beaches in the Algarve. Unfortunately, we arrived late in the afternoon in Odeceixe; some of the cafes were still having a siesta and others were about to reopen. Lars and I walked a bit aimlessly around (we were thirsty!) and then decided to continue our car trip.

Odemira, which lies close to the region of the Alentejo, is bigger than Odeceixe, but misses its charm, hence no pictures. Since the evening was approaching and Lars and I were becoming hungry, we decided to go back to Monchique. At that moment, the region of Monchique was being plagued by forest fires and we were actually very relieved that we had found a place to stay! More about that in a later post.

Anyway, forest fires or not, nothing would stop us from exploring Monchique. Stay tuned for our next post on Monday!

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