Tapas in Colmenar

Lars and I were driving around in the mountains to the north of Malaga when we suddenly became hungry and thirsty… So we stopped in Colmenar, a pretty white village with Moorish origins. The name comes from the word “colmena”, meaning beehive.

It was the beginning of the afternoon and at the little plaza where we had parked only one place was open… So, we ordered a big beer and some tapas. They were a bit on the expensive side, but the generous portions made up for that.

Lars and I went for some classic tapas:

  1. We each had a tortilla with potatoes, fluffy and very tasteful, especially with the cherry tomatoes.
  2. Lars ordered eggs, ham and fries as well. It looked a bit touristy but I have to admit it was yummy.
  3. And last but not least, I had a selection of cheeses, some of which were quite spicy. Excellent choice if I may say so. I am not sure which cheese I ate, but I guess it was Manchego which has become my huge favourite.

Afterwards, we continued our drive in the Montes de Malaga (Malaga Mountains), which look like this.

In a next post, we will show you what our neighbourhood looks like.

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