A Morning in Macharaviaya and Benaque

At the beginning of May, Lars and I spent a couple of days in Spain in order to sign the rental contract for our house in Torrox. During this short period, we stayed in an apartment in Torrox Costa near the sea. Having arrived quite late the day before in Malaga, we had some time to kill before we could enter the apartment and decided to do some sightseeing.


Although the name sounds a bit Indian, it actually has Moorish origins.

Being situated not far to the east of Malaga, it used to be a Moorish settlement.

This small white village is known for its church of San Jacinto and its cosy narrow streets.


To the north of Macharaviaya, lies the even smaller village of Benaque, where I was greeted by this cute canine.

Benaque is a miniature version of Macharaviaya and possesses an equally picturesque church.

I was very eager to photograph both the churches but I learned very quickly that in smaller towns and villages churches are only open during service, hence no pictures.

You will not spend a long time in both villages but they do give you an idea of what Spanish village life looks like.



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