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China Light Zoo Edition 2017/2018 – Part 3

And this is also the final part of this beautiful light festival. Quite a magnificent whale, don’t you think so? We were also lucky enough to see a very special performance. Maybe the pictures don’t say a lot and of course, we should have made a video, but we had forgotten the GoPro. In the second part of this series, I…

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China Light Zoo Edition 2017/2018 – Part 2

The light installations depicted animals, flowers and elements of Chinese legends, fairytales and history and were all assembled by Chinese artists. Some of the assemblings took place in China, the rest in Belgium. The Zoo of Antwerp organizes this light festival in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year. And that is not a coincidence since the Chinese neighbourhood is located…

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China Light Zoo 2017/2018 – Part 1

During the second weekend of December 2017, Lars, 2 of our very best friends and myself visited this colourful event. On a very cold Saturday evening, the four of us found ourselves in the Zoo of Antwerp. It took us 90 minutes to admire – and photograph! – all the magnificent light installations. You could buy the tickets in the zoo…

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Change. If there is one word that characterizes 2017 – and 2018 as well actually – it is this word: change. Let’s start with the bad news: the “death” of our car. It didn’t come as a complete surprise – we had driven more than 270.000 kilometres with it! –  but we had hoped it would have lasted a bit…

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