Dinant From Another Angle – Unknown Place – Part 2

I usually don’t take pictures in the car, but let’s be honest: you will not find any landscapes that are more spectacular in Belgium than these:


This place is also known as Bouvignes-sur-Meuse.

The river you can see in the pictures, by the way, is the Meuse. Apart from its cosy narrow streets, you can also visit the ruins of the castle of Crėvecoeur.

Although the clouds looked a bit threatening, Lars and I decided to continue our trip. There was only one destination left on our list.


Another very charming village is Sosoye.

The historical centre is really worth a look.

Sosoye is a very small place; moreover, we hardly saw any stores or cafes.

We hope that this short list of villages and towns will inspire you too to explore the region of Dinant!


  • stripSearchLA October 27, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Those clouds look beautiful. I hope the weather allowed you to do some exploring around town.


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