Tierpark Christianental

Throwback Thursday – Tierpark Christianental

All good things come to an end and so do the posts about our summer holiday of 2015. By the way, we will not be making a long summer trip this year, but we will go abroad for shorter trips very soon!

Anyway, Lars and I concluded our summer trip of two years ago in the Christianental, a beautiful valley not far from Wernigerode. This valley is known for its wildlife park, featuring animals that are typical of the Harz region. And I managed to take a picture of most of them.

There is a restaurant on the grounds, where you also have the opportunity to observe the canine companions of other people and visitors riding horses.

And there was a small reminder of recent history…

At the time of our visit, there was no entrance fee, but you can make a small donation. All in all, Lars and I liked this wildlife park a lot. You certainly get an idea of the local fauna and the animals are well taken care of and have enough space to roam around.

This is the address:

Christianental 1138855 Wernigerode, Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland

You can easily combine a visit to this wildlife park with an afternoon or morning in the town of Wernigerode or a trip to the top of the Brocken.

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