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Creepy Travels – Back To A Haunted Fortification – Part 2

In this part, we explore the interior of the fortification. And we were in for a surprise as soon as we entered the building. Whereas the ground floor was completely covered with junk during our first visit, now most of the junk was gone…

We quickly went to the first floor. It didn’t take long to notice that some of the chairs were gone and all of the candles had disappeared. The rooms still looked as eerie as before. And the shoe that we had photographed the first time was still there!

The three of us wanted to explore rooms we had overlooked during our first visit, but it turned out that they were so dark – and empty! – that we couldn’t photograph them. So, Lars, Vanessa and I decided to go back down. We quickly discovered a handful of rooms that we had missed the first time.

I was actually quite shocked when we found the crosses. We knew that soldiers had died here and now we were confronted with their names.

After our thorough exploration of the interior, we took some more pictures of the exterior. Then it was about time to meet Vanessa’s friend, who had graciously permitted our visit. We had to wait for his arrival and decided to have one last look at the cottage where Avalon had “died” in the movie. And guess what? This time my camera worked!

No orbs this time though…

Finally, it was time for a nice cold beer with a beautiful view and a curious peacock.

In general, we thoroughly enjoyed our return to the fortification. I am more than ever convinced that there is something “off” there, although I am not sure whether my 2 companions share the same view. Lars and I still have to look at all the video clips, so maybe we can still come across some surprises…

As I am writing this, Lars is cleaning the apartment and in a short moment, I will start packing. Yes, it is time to hit the road again! We will not be away for a long time and we will not be going very far either, but we will explore new territory!

See you soon!



  • unclerave August 17, 2017 at 4:13 am

    Safe travels, Kitten! — YUR


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