Château d'Antoing

The Devil And The Castle – Part 3

Let’s start with the bad news: most of the castle is not open for visitors. And that is a shame because that is where most of the film was made. You will have to do with a visit to the watchtower. But first some more exterior shots.

And finally, it is time to enter the castle (or at least the watchtower). Whenever there are children amongst the visitors, the guide likes to point out that the “hole in the floor” is an “oubliette”, an underground prison cell where people were left to die. Luckily, she does add the truth afterwards; it is simply a well. By the way, an oubliette is never found within a castle, but rather outside because of the smell of rotting bodies. Anyway, when it comes to the movie, Vanessa and I think this is the space where the Baron experiments with alchemy.

We climb one floor and arrive in a living room, also known as the Knight’s Room. Does it look familiar? That is because it is featured in the film! The furniture and the fireplace display a lot of detailed craftsmanship.

And we climb again… Next, we can visit a bedroom. Notice how short the bed is? That is because, for a long time, people slept in a sitting position. And sleeping wasn’t a private matter; whole families usually shared one and the same bed. You can briefly see this room in the movie when the Baron recovers from an injury.

Doesn’t Lars look like a real prince or baron maybe? But he couldn’t rest for a long time. The room above the bedroom has recently been renovated and apparently, the owner hasn’t decided yet what to do with it.

This is where Lars decided to stop climbing. I continued however and made it to the space below the roof. The narrow passage, by the way, is where one of the tourists in the movie is murdered by the succubus.

I decided to join the others for the last climb, towards the top of the tower. But unfortunately, I didn’t get very far. 200 steps had proven to be too much for my poor physical condition. Moreover, the last 15 steps were so high and narrow that it almost gave me a panic attack. I went back and looked for Lars.

Notice the scribblings on the wall? Some of them date from World War I!

In total, the guided tour takes about 1,5 hours; the three of us (Lars, Vanessa Morgan and myself) enjoyed it very much, mainly because of the many interesting details. After the visit, you can enjoy a cold or hot drink in the Tourist Information Office.

If you do decide to visit the castle, you could combine it with a short exploration of nearby Tournai/Doornik or one of the nearby French towns, since you are very close to the border.


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    The castle is gorgeous and I have a great desire to visit it once again. It will be interesting for me to do it.

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    The scribbling on the wall which is dating back World War I is gorgeous! However, it is a pity that most of the castle is not open for visitors.

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    When you are in such a place, then you begin to understand the grandeur of such construction.

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    Such ancient castles look very impressive, as they are surrounded by many different stories and legends.

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    Shooting a film in such beautiful and atmospheric rooms helped give it even more mystery and realism of that era.


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