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Driving Around In The High Fens – Part 3

I have a weakness for waterscapes, so a visit to the Gileppe Dam was high on my wishlist. The Dam is located near the small but cosy town of Jalhay on the Gileppe river and was built in the 19th century in order to provide the nearby bigger town of Verviers of drinking water.

By the way, this place is also known as the Lac (Lake) de la Gileppe. When you leave Eupen (or Verviers), there are numerous road signs to the Gileppe Dam.

By the way, I was actually standing on a high platform when I took these pictures and this proved to be too much of a challenge for Lars, who – just like yours truly – suffers from fear of heights. Taking a transparent elevator in order to walk to – and on! – the dam itself and see the statue of the lion was therefore out of the question.

If you want to know everything about the High Fens, why not pay a visit to the Centre Nature Botrange? It is located not far from the Signal de Botrange, on the same side of the same road. The first time Lars and I stopped there however, we found an entrance on the road that leads from Eupen to Malmédy.

Earlier this week, we stopped at the main entrance though and went for a walk. The Park features a permanent exhibition about all the flora and fauna of the Hautes Fagnes: it also organizes hikes and rents skis in winter. We skipped the exhibition because after too many days of rain it was a relief when we could walk in some sunshine.

Lars and I cannot help but wonder what this awesome area looks like in autumn and/or winter (especially when there is snow). There is a high probability that we will return in some months for a photo essay.

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