Throwback Thursday – Vila Prezident

After our adventures in Greece and Macedonia, Lars and I had to spend a night in Serbia. We chose the region of the National Park of Fruska Gora, a mountainous area in the north of the country, known for its monasteries and vineyards. Sremski Karlovci is one of the very few towns in this area and since it had been a long drive, we started looking for a hotel.

We decided against staying in the centre, assuming the prices would be too high. And lo and behold, in the outskirts of Sremski Karlovci, we stumbled upon Vila Prezident, a picturesque four-star hotel. Little did we know we had actually arrived in paradise: a hotel with a score of 9.1 on at very reasonable prices! What about this: a very comfortable room for two with breakfast for less than 50 euros in total!

And then there was the restaurant… Whereas Lars went for meat, I had some grilled trout with garlic sauce and it was simply the best piece of fish I had eaten in a long time. The wine cellar offers the best produce the region has got to offer. Riesling and Taminer are popular grapes here. Anyway, Lars and I had a red, white and rosé wine and we still can’t decide which one was the best…

After a long evening and night, it was finally time to go to the room…

The morning afterwards, Lars and I felt surprisingly refreshed and had a hearty breakfast.

We should have stayed longer there, not just for the hotel, but also to explore the vineyards and the monasteries. But alas, another country was waiting for us!


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