Throwback Thursday – To Ruzomberok

Ruzomberok is a small city in the North of Slovakia. Lars and I passed a lovely two days there in the beginning of August 2015. However, due to a bad cold and the constantly changing weather, we did not to get to do as much exploring as we would have liked to.

Since we had arrived quite late, dinner had become a necessity. Whereas Lars went for a familiar schnitzel, I chose my favourite Slovakian dish: bryndzové halusky, potato dumplings in sheep’s-cheese milk, garnished with fried bacon.

The day afterwards started quite sunny. As you can see, we stayed outside the centre of town.

Time to go up! And yes, we are still afraid of heights…

This mountainous area is called Malino Brdo, which is perfect for skiing in Winter and hiking in Summer. And admiring the beautiful views all year round.

When we went back down, Lars and I felt more at ease. Time to look around us and take some pictures. Slovakia looks awesome…

People were getting ready for a relaxing day.

We headed to the village of Vlkolinec, known for its untouched folk architecture. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lars and I really wanted to have a closer look at the log cabins, but heavy rains cut our visit short. When we were back in Ruzomberok, the rain developed into a thunderstorm which lasted hours. We went for a drink and afterwards had dinner. I went for dumplings again…

Apart from a very short visit to Bratislava some years ago, this was our first stay in Slovakia. And since we still have to discover a lot, we will certainly return one day.

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    Looks idyllic to me! — YUR


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