A Visit To The IKOB

Lars and I love art and especially contemporary art. To our delight, there was a museum of contemporary art in Eupen called IKOB. Even better, it was just two steps away from our hotel. So, one afternoon we decided it was time for a visit.

The museum is quite small and only contains two floors. At the ground floor, you can see a small sample of their collection.

On the first floor, there was an exhibition dedicated to Eric Peters. We had never heard of this artist before, but luckily the website of the museum provided us with more than enough information:

Eric Peters lives and works in Aachen. His painting is unique in its consistency, and is widely recognised both in Germany and internationally. With his paintings he circles around the secrets of the creation , and analyses the human psyche with its various layers and superpositions . Still life, portraits, and cosmology are his preferred motifs. He understands how to skilfully juggle with their art historical significance . Wheras in the beginning he determined the composition through the circular form, he now relies on the principle of multiple overlays – the superposition.

We thoroughly enjoyed his works. They looked simple but complex at the same time. Have a look yourself:

Did you recognize some of the faces? There was actually a lot more to see, but I had to make a selection. Unfortunately, the exhibition has ended in the meantime.

If you want to know more about this museum, check out their website. Although the official address says Rotenberg, you can access IKOB via the Neustrasse as well (which is what we did). If you come by car, you can park for free, in front of the nearby Carrefour supermarket. Anyway, if you love contemporary art, count half an afternoon to admire all the works.

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