Throwback Thursday – Driving Around Lake Prespa

In our last episode of Throwback Thursday, we wrote about the Pelister National Park in Macedonia. Remember the pictures of the beautiful lake? That is the subject of today: Lake Prespa. Or to be more precise, the Great Lake Prespa, which shares borders with Albania, Greece and Macedonia. After having spent a full day in the Pelister National Park, Lars and I decided it could be fun to drive around the lake for one dayWe started our exploration in the small town of Stene. At the moment Lars and I were there, construction of a beach bar had started. We had the feeling however that this place attracts mainly locals. Since the weather was quite hot, we enjoyed a cold beer before continuing our trip.

We kept on driving around and soon found ourselves in Galicica National Park, which is located in the southwest of the country, between Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid. This area is about 22.700 ha big and offers majestic landscapes, such as these:

Because of these magnificent views, we had started driving around without our GPS, wondering where we would end up. Time for a short stop…

Pestani used to be a small fishing village, but nowadays it has become a touristic destination. You will find lots of hotels, restaurants and pubs with views of Lake Ohrid. The village has about 2.000 inhabitants and has a long and narrow shape. I took some close-ups of people bathing in the lake in order to show you how clear the water is.

Without being initially aware of it, Lars and I had actually driven from Lake Prespa to Lake Ohrid. Not only are these two bodies of water located close to each other, they are actually interconnected. We also learnt that day that this area needs more than 1 or 2 days to explore it more thoroughly…


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