Visiting A Farm in The Heart of Brussels

From a distance, the Maximiliaanpark, located in Brussels’ Noordwijk, looks like any other park in Brussels. But come closer and you will see that this place is home to a beautiful children’s farm.

The Maximiliaanpark has not always been a park. In the 19th century, a train station was located here, but its activities stopped in the fifties. Afterwards, the place functioned as a small airport for helicopters and in the eighties it was turned into a park with a children’s farm, which organises cultural and social events.

The park is home to the most common big and small farm animals, like goats, sheep and horses, except for cows. There are a couple of unexpected guests as well, like alpaca and a peacock, who struts his stuff. Some of these animals make an annual appearance in the Christmas stable at the Grand Place.

There is a quiet corner in the park with a small pond surrounded by artworks.

The Maximilaanpark is located right next to the metro-station Ijzer. One more remark: it closes quite early, between 4 and 5pm.

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  • GP Cox November 16, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    How wonderful to supply the children with a farm. The best way to learn is by experience. They will never forget a visit to this place.


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