Photo Essay – Bagenkop Beer

When you take hundreds of pictures of the Wild Horses, you get very thirsty. So, when my sister-in-law proposed to have a beer in the harbour of Bagenkop, I became very enthusiastic, to say the least.

Bagenkop is the southernmost town of Langeland, an island in the south of Denmark. Apart from the Wild Horses and the nearby nature parks, this place hasn’t got a lot to offer. But the harbour is really cosy and photogenic.

Insider tip! Looking for a nice beach in the neighbourhood of Bagenkop? Lars and I have been to the beach of Ristinge and it is really magnificent and calm.

By the way, one of the boats attracted my attention, because it was completely invaded by birds. I am not sure if the boat was abandoned or not.

One more last look at the harbour… and we went back to Svendborg.

Coming up very soon on the website: our big summer trip of last year and trips of this year!

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