Being Beach Bums at Christiansminde

I can imagine that you don’t associate Denmark with a beach vacation. True, the weather can be unpredictable, or even worse, it can suck… But, believe me when I tell you that there are some really beautiful beaches there! Actually, lots of them, since this country has a coastline of more than kilometers. Actually, for somebody like me, who loves seascapes, Denmark is a paradise.

If you happen to be in Svendborg and you fancy a day at the beach, follow our example and head to Christiansminde. The name refers to the hotel, which has a panoramic restaurant and there is a long stretch of beach as well, which is open for everybody.

As you can see, the beach is quite narrow. This is actually the case for a lot of beaches along the shores of the Baltic Sea. This mass of water contains little salt, allowing lots of vegetation to grow near the beach.

Advantage: when it happens to be hot (and that does happen!), you can look for shadow under the trees…

You cannot rent chairs or umbrellas here. Luckily, this is not a pebbly beach! The sand is white and soft…

At the end of May, the water was still freezing! I only saw about a handful of people going for a swim. But in general, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Don’t you just love to observe people – and their pets?

Anyway, at the end of the afternoon, Lars and I were hungry. And thirsty. Must have been the sea air. We decided to give the restaurant of Hotel Christiansminde a try; we were too early for dinner, but luckily, we could still have lunch. We ordered sandwiches and a cold beer. To be honest, we were really pleasantly surprised by the size of our sandwiches and the high quality of the ingredients! And all this for a very reasonable price.

The view from the restaurant is simply magnificent. We could clearly sea the beach and the marina; the island in the background is Tåsinge.

What more can I say? Life as a beach bum in Denmark – it does exist!

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