Architectural Gems around Brasov

The biggest touristic attraction around Brasov is without any doubt the castle of Bran. It can be really hectic here – and not just in the castle, but also in the whole village – during summer, so try to visit it in spring or autumn.

But there is more… Transylvania is home to a very special kind of building: the fortified churches. And you can find everything you want to know about them in this post. Now, let us head over to Harman and visit its beautiful fortified church.

I don’t think I have ever visited a church that displayed so much tapestry and … pillows. Together with the woodwork, it gives the church a cozy feeling. This is what the fortifications themselves look like.

You can find another fortified church in Prejrem. In both locations, by the way, you have to pay a small entrance fee. We have been to other villages with fortified churches where we did not have to pay anything, but we are not sure if such is still the case.

Doesn’t this all look picturesque? Now, this is the interior of the church itself. The difference with an orthodox church is huge, but that is of course due to historical and religious matters. And it is exactly this cultural and religious diversity that makes Romania such a fascinating country.

Here are some more shots of the exterior. This place looks like a fairytale.

Interested? Stay in Brasov, visit the castle of Bran in the morning and go to Harman and Prejrem in the afternoon.

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