Matthias Corvinus Statue

What to See in Cluj – Part 2

Right in the center of town, stands the magnificent Saint Michael’s Church, a Gothic beauty of the 14th century. In front of it is the enormous statue of Matthias Corvinus, a Hungarian king. We had driven past this at least twice a day, so it was about time to have a closer look.

A word of advice: don’t visit the church during the weekend! Not only because of the bigger number of the tourists, but also because of the huge traffic. Lars and I lost a lot of time, because we simply couldn’t find a place to park. Finally, we did get rid of the car, but because we had parked it in a zone reserved for taxis, we had only a very short time to visit the church itself. Hence only a handful of pictures of this rather dark building.

Lars and I regret not having spent more time in Cluj itself. We were so busy with exploring the surroundings that we somehow ignored the city itself. Anyway, we have nothing but good memories of Cluj!

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